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Repeat Orders

Do you ever run out of your pets food and have to make a special trip to the shops, find parking and perhaps even lug a heavy bag of pet food back to your car?

Our Repeat Order Service Includes:

  • Regular Ongoing Deliveries Scheduled to your pets needs 
  • Free to sign up
  • Free Delivery on all orders over £ 20.00
  • Advanced email or text warning of your pending delivery allowing you to add additional pet products from our online store or to cancel / reschedule your delivery
  • Repeat Orders can be suspended over holiday periods · Cancel your Repeat Orders at any stage - We do ask for at least a days notice before your scheduled delivery
  • Peace of mind that your pet’s supplies are taken care of
  • Saving your back! By letting us lift those heavy bags

Details of our service:

A2B offer a flexible ongoing repeat order service which can be tailored to meet your pet or pets needs. You can choose the repeat interval for all your individual products - we will setup the regular repeat orders.

Please see the example below of how our repeat order service can help you.

Mrs Smith has two dogs and a cat. Mrs Smith used to buy a 7.5kg bag of dog food every week and a 2 kg bag of cat food every fortnight.

Since joining A2B Mrs Smith now receives a 15KG bag of dog food and a 2kg bag of cat food every two weeks - delivered to her door

Mrs Smith has chosen to receive an email 3 days before her regular order arrives allowing her to add any additional one off or seasonal pet products she might need.

Mrs Smith no longer needs to worry about running out of pet food and also saves her time and money.

Mrs Smith is certainly better off with A2B!

We do occasionally have to increase our online prices - these increases can affect your repeat order.